Hookah lounge in ocean city

Mistakes to Avoid When Smoking Hookah (2024)

Hookah lounge in ocean city

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City: SeaShisha

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Smoking Hookah

Smoking Hookah is a popular activity around the world which is also known as shisha. Many people who smoke hookah enjoy it for its variety of flavors and wonderful experience while smoking. The use of hookah is practiced from ancient period. Royal and high class families mainly used it for entertainment or daily habit. With increasing number of people smoking hookah it is necessary to know the mistakes and avoid them while smoking hookah to ensure your wonderful experience.

1. Using Too Much Heat

One of the most common mistake that people make while smoking hookah is using too much heat through the excessive amount of coals. Too much heat can burn out the hookah and its flavor resulting in a harsh and rough texture and taste. It is best to use moderate amount of coals according to the pot’s size . Rotate it perpendicularly time to time to ensure a smooth texture and taste.

Hookah lounge in ocean city

2. Overpacking or Under packing bowl

One should pack the hookah bowl properly. Packing too tight or too loose can result in various unpleasant smoking experience. Harder draw and burning of the tobacco is result of over packing through the restriction in proper airflow and insufficient smoke production is a result of under packing. Pack the bowl properly as fluffy pack which allows air to flow sufficiently through the tobacco evenly.

Hookah lounge in ocean city

3. Ignoring Water level

The water level on the hookah vase is very important for a smooth texture smoke. Insufficient amount of water cannot filter and cool the smoke efficiently. Meanwhile excessive amount of water can make the air to draw very difficult through the hose. The recommended water level is an inch above bottom of the downstem which ensures proper filtration and cooling of smoke.

Hookah lounge in ocean city

4. Not Regularly Maintaining and Cleaning Hookah

Maintaining a clean and hygienic hookah is very essential for a smooth smoke and wonderful experience as well as hygienic health. Buildups from past hookah sessions can add up in base, hose and bowl which leads to unpleasant flavors. Regular cleaning of all parts of hookah with warm water and brush to clean unwanted buildup and maintain hygiene ensures smooth and healthy experience up to some extent.

Hookah lounge in ocean city

5. Using Inferior Shisha

The quality if shisha tobacco you use directly impacts your smoking experience. Low quality shisha usually contains excessive molasses and artificial flavors which burns quickly giving you a harsh smoking experience. Buying a high quality shisha from a well known brand is recommended for a smooth experience and memorable sessions.

Hookah lounge in ocean city


Hence, Avoiding the above mentioned mistakes and following proper steps can ensure you a smooth smoking experience with you and your family. These mistakes are often repeated so make sure to practice them in your daily smoking sessions to make your smoking sessions more enjoyable, memorable and safer. By taking above things into considerations you can enjoy your smoking sessions each and every time.

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