Hookah Vs Cigarette

Hookah Vs Cigarette: Which Is Less Harmful?

Hookah Vs Cigarette
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Both hookah and cigarettes have been one of the greatest competitors in the market of smoking. Both of them are enjoyed by people during a family function, friends’ gatherings, and daily as well.

Both of them are harmful but, not in the same quantity. Stick with us throughout the content to gain more knowledge and valuable insights on the debate between Hookah Vs Cigarettes.

The Allure of Hookah Culture

Hookah smoking is deeply rooted in primitive traditions that have been passed down to many generations. Hookah has been successful in captivating the interest of people through its variety of flavors, smoothness of smoke, and addictive nature.

The act of sharing pipes with friends and families in the gathering has been one way of showing a strong bonding between each other. Despite its bad effect on health, it has always been consumer-friendly more than cigarettes

Should We Share Hookahs and Cigarettes?

Professionals strongly discourage sharing hookah and cigarettes due to the distinct adverse effects associated with each, highlighting the importance of considering the detrimental consequences they can have on health. Sharing it can increase the probability of suffering from different communicable diseases.

Is Using Dirty Hookah Pipes and Cigarettes OK?

No, using dirty hookah pipes and cigarettes is not ok because it is very risky. Sharing hookah and cigarettes actively increases the risk of developing various diseases, emphasizing the heightened probability of experiencing adverse health conditions. Not only communicable diseases but, individuals can also suffer long-term diseases that later on turn into non-communicable diseases.

It can lead to the transfer of the flu, tuberculosis, herpes, hepatitis, and covid-19. So, before taking a shot of hookah or cigarettes, always remember to check and clean the pipes neatly.

Health Effect Comparision Between Hookah Vs Cigarette

Both, hookah and cigarette carries health risks with it. But, smoking cigarette may present consumer with more health risks than hookah. Hookah smoking also has certain advantages. The water filtration in hookahs reduces the levels of harmful chemicals and toxins inhaled compared to cigarettes.

It is important to notice that, hookah sessions are lengthier, leading to more exposure to smoke, which may lead to health risks. It is always better to practice smoking in moderation.

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Hookah Vs Cigarette ( Flavor Variety Comparision)

If we have to compare the flavor variety between hookah and cigarette, the cigarette is also very addictive as hookah but, it carries very less amount of flavors with it. Whereas, hookah offers many varieties of hookah flavors that one can enjoy.

Hookah flavors include fruit flavors like, watermelon, and mango to exotic flavors like mint chocolate, spiced chai, and so on. This is another example of why hookah is more preferred and superior than cigarettes. Having the chance to experience a variety of flavors can uplift the consumer experience.

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