Hookah Lounge in Ocean City

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City: The Role of Water in a Hookah: Does It Filter Nicotine?

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City: SeaShisha

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Hookah Lounge in Ocean City

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City: Role of Water in Hookah

The hookah or water pipe or Shisha is one of the oldest ways of smoking tobacco hence commonly used in the Middle East and South-east Asia. Its differences from other smoking devices are in the use of a bowl for tobacco, water container, and a long pipe for inhalation. Water is an important art of the equipment used to pass smoke while hookah sessions, This has resulted in lots of people genuinely believing that the water serves as a filter, and thus the dangers of smoking are minimized. However, there is a controversy concerning the ability of water to remove nicotine, an addictive element of tobacco, As a filter.

How a Hookah Works

To appreciate water’s involvement in hookah, one needs to know first how the apparatus works. The features of the setting reveal that water remains highly significant in the usage of this device. During smoking, the insertion of the hose to one’s mouth leads to the formation of vacuum that sucks air with heated tobacco in the bowl. and arrives at the tobacco, where the width of the pipe’s bowl creates space for hot air from the burned charcoal to pass through the tobacco and create smoke which descends through the stem and into the water in the base. The water cools the smoke before it draws it into the hose and to the lungs of the user.

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City

The Filtering Myth

One often hears that water in a hookah serves as a purging agent and cleans the smoke of all the impurities, including nicotine. This to an extent has basis on the fact that the residue of the cigarette is seen in the water and the ‘feel’ of the smoke in the throat, though smoother, cooler to that of regular cigarette smoke depicts a feeling of safety.

The Basics of Nicotine Filtration Studied for the First Time

Many researches have focused on examining the effectiveness of hookah water with regard to the removal of toxicants such as nicotine. The results presented in the work outline reveal the fact that water does some degree of particle and water-soluble toxin absorption; however, as a filter, it is completely ineffective in removing nicotine.

Nicotine’s Chemical Properties

Nicotine is a rather small volatile molecule. It is not very soluble in water. As the smoke comes in contact with water, a substantial amount of the nicotine stays in the gaseous state. Therefore water will not seize it. Altogether, smokers continue to breathe considerable volumes of nicotine, eradicating the assumption of a non-addictive or less dangerous hookah smoking.

Other Harmful Substances

Other ingredients of the hookah smoke include carbon monoxide, heavy metals, and carcinogenic compounds apart from nicotine. The water does hold some capability of diluting some of these substances. For instance, some of the water soluble toxins and few of the heavy metals may be somewhat restrained or caught by the water. However some lethal toxicants like carbon monoxide and many VOCs are not filtered off and persist in the inhaled smoke.

Hookah Lounge in Ocean City

Health Implications

What this partial filtration provides for the water is not a better smoking experience for the consumers. The various publications by the World Health Organization and other scientific health studies have pointed to the fact of hookah smoking being equally as dangerous or even more as smoking cigarettes, and it escalates respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and cancer. Furthermore, and because of the longer time span smokers devote to hookah, and the greater volume of smoke they draw into their lungs when using these instruments, the latter may prove to deliver substantially more smoke over a certain amount of time than cigarettes.


As, though the water in a hookah cools and filters the smoke, it only possesses a marginal impact on the nicotine and many other injurious elements. Many smokers deemed smoking hookah to be much safer than smoking cigarettes, which is a fallacy. In order to raise the public consciousness of hookah smoking risks and change the behavior, the health campaigns should state that the water does not substantially minimize the amount of nicotine or other hazardous substances inhaled by the smoker. It is imperative to comprehend these risks if one is to make the correct decisions regarding the use of tobacco while fostering the proper preservation of the future.

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